Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hi friends,
I've decided that I have too many blogs...writing on one, then forgetting about it for too long while I make up a new, I've imported all my blogs onto just one: Do come visit me over there!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Food Notes

1. I made chocolate peanut butter ice cream pie for husband's birthday. So Good!

Just mix together 1 carton softened chocolate ice cream, 1/2 carton whipped cream, and two big scoops of peanut butter. While you are waiting for the ice cream to soften, crush half a package of oreos (easy in the food processor) and mix together with a 1/4 cup of melted butter. Press this into a pie plate (or the bottom of a round cake pan). Okay, now mix the ice cream. Then pour into the pie plate and smooth with a spatula. You can drip or shave chocolate on top. Or sprinkle crushed peanuts. People think you are a fabulous cook and ask for seconds, and everyone is happy!

2. Old Orchard's Pineapple Orange juice reminds me so much of Sundays. Growing up, I went to a fancy downtown church that served punch after services. We'd all head to the banquet hall to snack of handfuls of those soft wedding mints, and fountains of pineapple-orange-ginger ale punch. Or maybe the wedding mints were just at the wedding receptions in the same room. Anyway, you drank the punch from a little glass cup with a little glass handle that would only fit a finger or two. I haven't thought about this in Years, and yet tonight here I am, the pineapple-orange taste taking me back.

Its been a good night.

Monday, December 6, 2010

married people, be blessed

This video is a truth and a blessing.

And the setting somehow reminds me of my Gram's driveway, all ivy and old stone. I get nostalgic and hopeful all at the same time watching this...every time.

Thanks, Ann, for the original link!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


1. The W's dimple.

2. getting to make a milkshake for my S.
3. still no snow, and its almost Dec 1! Thank You!
4. learning to cook creatively with no stove...boiling pasta in the fondue pot :)
5. a new sister-in-love
6. anticipation of makeup lessons at Sephora
7. Advent planning
8. walking distance to the shops and kombucha and an awesome breakfast place that I have yet to try
9. my S saying I'm cute when I'm actually totally mismatched
10. a warm place for my W (God, care for the little ones and their mamas who are cold tonight! Please God!)
11. Our "library shelves" that make me feel truly rich

Shelter for the Soul

Everybody wants the same thing,
rich or poor...
not only a warm, dry room,
but a
shelter for the soul.

~Samuel Mockbee

Old School Spinning Top

I had one of these when I was little! Maybe its still in my parents' attic, with my handmade Cabbage Patch doll, Leslie, and Teddy, my teddy bear (creative name, don't you think?). I've been searching for good baby & kid gifts now that the W is here, and there is also my niece/nephew to delight. I just love the classic stuff!